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The Serra do Cipó gastronomy is guided by it’s diversity . The marks of a rich past , with traces of the early occupation of Minas Gerais, are passed through generations the recepies. The pastéis de angu, feijoada, escondidinho, various braised meats and homemade sweets delight by both the natural flavor , and the presentation .

For those looking for a more refined menu, the region offers special dishes such as the paellas which, together with good wines or the legitimate cachaça, are mouth-watering.

It is in the cold period of the year that the region of Serra do Cipo reveals flavors that attract large numbers people interested in the charm that the mild climate coupled with mountainous landscape can provide. Broths, chicken rice, dryed beef, assorted cheeses and fish stew are some of the most popular dishes, all harmonized with good drinks and acclimated by the sound quality of music mining.

Running the Cipó Vernaio Hotel’s kitchen, coordenated by the Chef Henrique Michel, is Executive Chef Lia Alves who runs a well trained staff in one of the best structures in the region.

The team catered with great skill to personalities like Patrícia Pillar, Daniel de OliveiraCaio Blat, Angelo Antonio, Leticia Sabatela, Irene Ravache, Lima Duarte, Marcos Caruzo, Ingrid Guimarães and Cassio Gabus, among others, performing CATERING services both in Serra do Cipo and Belo Horizonte for the productions "Batismo de Sangue" from the Director Helvécio Raton and "Depois Daquele Baile" from Director Roberto Bomtempo.

Weddings, Balls, parties and every kind of celebration; you can choose the theme that the team develops and executes the menu. Among the options are: Italian, French, Chinese, North American, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, South American, Arabic and Brazilian food and of course the traditional MINAS GERAIS cuisine.

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