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Serra do Cipo

Serra do Cipo needs no adjectives in order to exalt its unique beauty or its immeasurable vocation for tourism.

Home of one of the greatest biodiversities in the planet the region houses endemic fauna and flora, waterfalls and valleys, forests and altitude camps ... all exuberant, however extremely insignificant when compared to the warm affection felt when in contact with the simple people that lives here. Simple and hospitable people, shaped by the passing years, accustomed to receive with joy visitors since the days of the Estrada Real.

Visitors in dead, because in Serra do Cipo there are no tourists, pedestrians, passengers and much less strangers. Here, around the wooden stove everybody is a visitour ... those ... that fill us with joy simply by appearing from time to time, even if it's just for a cup of coffee ... brewed in the cloth strainer ... sweetened with brown sugar.

Here exuberance joins simplicity and together ... just like that... close to each other ... pacify even the most troubled minds by simple touch, between the toes, of the white sand from the river sides or by the rise of a perfect moon.

Some say that perfection is unachievable ... those have never been with the right person, in a simple and cozy place.

Perfection is not a thing ... is a moment!

Come to the Serra do Cipo and live here your perfect moment!




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